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  1. simsa03 ('s status on Sunday, 21-Feb-2021 23:43:25 UTC simsa03 simsa03
    The single best thing such counties and remote areas can do now looks like to invest in and built a fast and reliable internet infrastructure quickly. They might then pull more people and companies from the densely populated areas at noth coasts.

    But distant home office-ing will not automatically lead to more companies in the rural areas, although the influx of hi-tech workers may boast the local service industry and increase tax returns for local and state administrations for a while.

    The amount of wind turbines may increase in areas with the lowest costs, incentivised by lower taxes and duties, both subsidized by the federal government.

    The latter will not be sustainable; and the former will primarily lead to better-offs moving to the countryside without the local population benefitting much from it. It'll rather looks like another form of gentrification.

    All these things happen(ed) in Germany as well, and it didn't fend off the increasing impoverishment of such regions.