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  1. simsa03 ('s status on Tuesday, 16-Feb-2021 04:08:58 UTC simsa03 simsa03
    In # I can block via extension certain websites from appearing in the results page. In # I can manually tell each # to exclude a domain/site via "-site:<url of domain> <search term>". In the results page the excluded domain/site won't show up.

    But how can I tell bing to automatically exclude certain domains/sites for all queries?

    Took me the help of to figure it out:

    • Go to browser's settings > manage search engines.

    • Add a new search engine.

    • Add "%s" as variable for any search term, then "+" and "-" to either exclude a domain name or a key word (e.g., " com/search?q=%s+-britannica" or "<...>").

    • Insert a letter, e.g., "b", in the keywords section. Use it in the address bar of your browser to select your new search engine.

    Sometimes, entries from the excluded domain may still pop up in form of boxes in the search results. Use ublock to block them from reappearing in the future.